Monday, December 21, 2015

The FL Keys!

A beautiful weekend filled with love and promise. I just got back from an amazing weekend getaway to watch my best friend walk down the sandy aisle. Katie and Joe are now Mr. and Mrs. Grasch they said "I DO" it was perfect!!

Manasota Keys- 1st off the Lock & Key Pub had some amazing fish! I had the salmon, grouper and mahi mahi. We stayed on the beach front and had a really beautiful view of the ocean and palm trees.

Favorite bar we went to was a fun dockside bar called Flounders. Shot of choice Beach Bar 43 they will F you up and taste phenomenal. Nick had the shrimp burger and said it was amazing

Went to see a some gators at a place that was cute, southern and family owned.  Immokalee was the town it was in. Airboats and Alligators! The Parrot outside likes to laugh and dance... seriously it's creepy and cute!

Flounders on the Beach

Lock & Key Pub

Alligators and Airboats

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Resolutions... bucket list... goals?

Well I am happy to end 2015 and pleased to see a new year ahead of me. Here's a recap of 2015 quickly.... I have many more but I don't want to bore you.

  • 1. Daughter turned 11 on January 29th 2015 had an eight girl sleep over and they had a blast
  • 2. Went to FL to visit my sister Nicole and her family
  • 3. Divorced was finalized (still shelling out money to my lawyer though)
  • 4. Went to opening day at Miller Park with Taran had a ton of fun and got kicked out of hanks house
  • 5. Went Hiking at Devils lake with Anaka
  • 6. Saw Tame Impala, Ed Sharpe & Magnetic zeros, Amy Schumer, Avett Brothers, Kings of Leon
  • 7. Went to Chicago a few times, one was for my Birthday weekend which was amazing! Finally went to Door county! I love it
  • 8. My daughter turned 3 years old and had a Build a Bear party!
  • 9. Experienced Colorado for the first time with my amazing boyfriend Nick! Hiked, and zip-lined
  • 10. Had many fun family times with my sisters, and mom
  • 11. Met amazing, beautiful and kind souls this year

What I am most looking forward to in 2016 is making memories of course, learning and perfecting my yoga and self care. Making time to do things that are most important to me and my kids. Sharing my life with people that value me and don't take my friendship for granted. I hope to travel more this year than ever. Even if it isn't to far off destinations. Just seeing and experiencing new towns, cities, kayaking, and being outdoors. I also hope to volunteer more and help people in the community. I don't want to lose weight or promise to go to the gym more like most people do. I have done that in the past, tried to make a resolution to go to the gym 5 days a week. I lasted till maybe the end of January. Well I hope you have your eyes set on positive goals and life experiences for yourselves.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holiday Traditions...

Holiday traditions.... seems like a fitting time to talk holly, jolly and Christmas cheer.

So I really don't have many... which makes for a difficult blog post. But... I welcome all your ideas in the tradition dept. What do you and your family do? Since nobody ever comments on my posts this question I just asked seems silly but... hey maybe I'll get a Christmas MIRACLE!!

My family and I don't go out and cut down a tree, put the lights up, partake in sledding, or building of snowmen. We never had that specific day and time where we all gather and do some sort of Christmas event. In a way I love traditions that others tell me about but often wondered why my family didn't do any? So we just didn't do that stuff.

I do remember my beautiful, inspiring, and caring grandmother Anita making the most amazingly delicious Christmas cookies with my sisters and I. We would make peanut butter balls, rice krispie wreaths, spritz cookies, cutout cookies, and the Hershey kiss ones. We would wake up early in the morning have all the ingredients prepped and ready for the cookie making extravaganza. I would be full by noon with a tummy packed of  mini marshmallows, raw egg batter and other random sugary goodies I'd find. I obviously know that was a tradition of ours but when I was little I never understood the magnitude of it and how perfect that day was. I loved it, looked forward to it but now I find an empty place in my heart now that it's gone. Taken away by a horrible disease called cancer.

I miss more than ever my grandma Anita. She was the glue that held the family together, the smile of hope when the family was in disarray, the sweet hugs and kisses she would give me could make me feel so much love and comfort. I really wish I had more time with her. I wish I was nicer and wouldn't have made her upset with me for not listening or helped her more when she asked. I lived with her for many years during the summer months in her gorgeous home on Silver Lake. It was the best summers of my life. Waking up early, talking about what we were to do that day. How she wanted to plant some flowers in the front, or go into town and go to ben franklin, stop at some rummages to see what kind of treasures we could find. She would let us swim for hours and hours. Only calling us in for lunch. She would never allow TV unless it was after 7pm and called it a boob tube. She would take us for Ice cream at our favorite place "Jimmy's". I love and miss you Grandma I think of you always and I wish more than ever I could make a batch of cookies with you this very moment.

      Gandpa & Grandma Banaszak

(Mom if you ever read this, know that I love our family and I love you so much for all that you sacrificed to raise us girls. I'm grateful for you and the lessons you taught me xoxo.)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Amy Schuuuuuuuuuuuuuumer!!!!

So Amy Schumer, live in action in Milwaukee. Talking about all things inappropriate and hilarious!
First off I love her cheese curd, pbr sippin, shot takin references because let's be honest....
That is all WI is right? ha no not really but I'm a fan of all 3 of those things. She was her
short dress wearing, wine straight from the bottle kinda gal. Made myself and 2 friend Kayla, & Katie
laugh, cry, and have to pee! Wait that was the coors light. But all in all my $40 dollar seats were 
well worth it. It was a very pleasant Christmas present to myself. We went to rumpus room after which is one of my fav places. Beer battered fish fry, rumaki, beer, oh and flat bread pizza... trying to get a lil' winter layer on for when the temps dip below -14 degrees. No for real though it was by some luck I was able to drink at Fink's after consuming all of that delectiable food. So go see Amy LIVE in raunchy action pretend to double dutch into a vag and laugh your little asses off! 

Cheers to AMY SCHUMER, MILWAUKEE and my 2 gal pals! love you bitches!

                                                                  Kayla, Katie, Me

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Put it down...YES!.. your phone it's wasting your life away.

So I have magically jumped on the social media frenzy... you name it I was on it or had an active profile. I wrote them all down and then got really sick and felt like I was about to throw app I mean Up.. the total number of life wasting apps was alarming. So I cut some out :-)

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Snapchat
  4. Twitter
  5. Linkedin
  6. Google+
(I'm now off Instagram, snapchat and twitter)

Ok now my music apps... I'm obsessed with music so I am not too ashamed of those.... but I have since got rid of Pandora. I only listen to podcasts on Soundcloud. 

So why this need to be apart of this app/media frenzy... Well as sad as it sounds I was just following the herd of civilians. Even old people in their 50's are using these apps I felt like a relic and out of the loop if I was not on these apps... well I'm hear to tell you that you would be quite surprised at how much you can get done when not interrupted by the icons and beep notifications on your little stupid smart phone. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders I no longer see stupid snaps from people I dont really know, or scrolling through IG wondering how that makeup is so perfect etc. Here are a few of my experiences....

1. I'm done Christmas shopping already
2. I have put up all decor for the season
3. I have finished a 350 page novel in less than 6 weeks hahah I know that sound terrible
4. I have learned a few new chords on the Ukulele
5. I donated many older/unused items to goodwill
6. I learned new crock pot recipes and also make s'more crescent rolls before 7am!

I am a happier and more self sufficient 30 year old woman. Now go little app addicts go uninstall and delete your little square icons forever! Go play with puppies and kitties, go try on new Uggs without your phone in hand, stop snapping pics of Starbucks cups and putting them on Instagram. #eggnoglatte It's ok if you drink a cup of eggnog latte and not tell the world about it... I have and it feels really good. I promise. It's like you're in the secret service and you are considered a rare albino elk when you decide to go out for drinks or dinner.

If you still want to read more about this topic click below becaue some scientists and statistical data might blow your mind more than I can.... Well I only blow my boyfriends mind... with my intelligence... get your head out of your snapchat asses!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Scarf bomb away! Share the warmth and love!

So proud to have been apart of this scarf bomb event my very own sister put together! Milwaukee has seen a lot of ups and downs in terms of crime, and poverty but we were all thrilled to help spread the warm love for our community! Thank you to all that came out to Red Arrow Park on Sunday! Let's make this bigger and better next month.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Educate yourself on things you may not see

I am appalled at this abuse and disgusting tradition. I feel awful for these poor children and hope this gets under control. I know the more that people see how horrifying it is the more people will speak out. I find this website to be quite empowering and often find myself reading through the articles. It is very eye opening to see what is happening in the world, and how and who is trying to help those who can’t help themselves or need a stronger voice. I may not be in these places where child slavery/marriage/abuse is going on but that doesn't mean I can't educate myself on this situation. I hope these intelligent and strong minded girls go on living a life they are proud of and keep the goals they have for themselves in the spotlight. No one should feel like a commodity that can be bought and sold, especially innocent children.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Podcasts… love em or leave em?

I love this one…. “Women of the Hour” - Lena Dunham

Not only did I fall in love with her personality and her hilarious character on “Girls” an HBO series that debuted a few years ago.

She tells it like it is, has an amazing book that I read in a week … ok fine I’m a slow reader and it took me 3 weeks. But it is soooo good. She is very relatable and stands up for herself and she is a feminist! I Love how funny , and charismatic she is. If you don’t know her or maybe think she is too much then you are dumb ha jk that was rude but seriously. Give her a few minutes of her time I know you will laugh and pee or maybe even cry and pee, but mostly pee your pants because she is that HILARIOUS!
Now go and be amazing!
Happy Friday!

Christmas is 34 days away and the New Year is well right behind that so make goals, and try something new such as:

  • DIY – Face masks, Lip balm, or soap
  • Write a comic book
  • Catfish someone
  • Adopt a rat and name him after your ex hahaha

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The world needs more compassion and love

After the Paris attacks this past weekend it opened my eyes to see so much more. The sadness this world should be experiencing about the tragedy is covered by hate. People are upset about Syrian refugees and how we should cut them off from food, shelter, and basically let them die. I find that to be such a horrible view. I know it is not my place to judge but I will speak my opinion openly as I live in America where I can do that and will exercise the right. I find it to be disgusting that the government will stand by and not help those in need. I see who people truly are in this situation, they are lumping the terrorists with Muslims, or people from a certain place or country. When in reality ISIS is trying to get anyone and everyone they can, to join them in their horrifically disturbing way of life. It is not just one race, color, creed, religion. The answers are not easy to this solution obviously, but we need to come together and be a strong force of peace, and understanding. It is not one on one battles it should be a greater force of good against evil. I could not understand how people on social media were saying " Oh well about Paris " or " I am over here in America away from bombs so who cares" etc. Arrogant comments like that I can't help but feel sorry for people with such closed minds, and cold hearts. Why are we so divided? What happened? Is it government? Media?

Rant over.....

Just love one another, be kind, be helpful, spread peace. Tell those you love how much you care.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I stumbled upon this awesome website when trying to find the perfect gift for my sweetheart. So check it out it is just randomly awesome shit you can get sent to you house. They have everything from make-up, yoga stuff, food, beef jerky (that goes with food but it needs its own category) nerd stuff, video game shit. men's grooming care! seriously I want like 53 sub boxes for Christmas but I narrowed it down to 3.


I have Ipsy now and I am cancelling, I don't hardly use the items sent to me. Some are just lame. I have 4 tweezers, and 27 facial cleansers so Ipsy is being deactivated as of today!

Santa- Bring me a sub box please. K, thanks or I would like a little bungalow in Bali, with a private jet to get there. LOVE YOU!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Spread Happiness-----> Remove Negativity

Happy November!

Negative thoughts, body dis morphia, feelings of inadequacy, sadness, feeling like a failure.

All these things above and many more are toxic thoughts that we can control and we should control to have a happy life. It's easier said than done to wake up each morning and be happy to say you have; debts, heartache, pants that don't fit, dirty dishes, zits, stretchmarks, absent parents, tons of homework, diapers to change or whatever it might be that is less than glamorous.

I have been told by some that I have a really positive energy/outlook and I don't know how or why I am the way that I am. I think once you feel comfortable in your own skin, literally, loving your flaws and knowing that nobody is perfect you start really liking who you are. I think once I realized that I only had one life and I will do my absolute best with what I have and strive to obtain my goals I get more happy. Even if I do not meet the goals I know that I can keep trying. It isn't over till you're 6 ft. deep, pushin up daisies. I have 2 kids, full time job, house, car, mom, sisters and other distant relatives. At the end of the day I think I am doing a great job and will always want what is best for my kids but I do not get down on myself if I can not get them the best of the best. At times we (society) does not see the real purpose of living. It is not the material possessions that we should love and strive for but just the memories made and the love we have in our hearts. I wish that when friends or people say to me ugh "I hate life", "I hate my fat thighs", "I look gross", "I hate my apt", "I hate my school and job" they would take a second and think wow I am damn lucky I have a car, health, legs, eyesight, parents, a paycheck. It sounds so preachy but just be happy in the moment, stop comparing yourself to everyone, wishing, hoping, and obsessing over materialistic things.

Every morning say in the mirror after you brush your teeth; I am beautiful, smart and I have a happy life.
If you can't be postive, one day you will wake up regretting the fact that you did nothing to change the way you feel and live.

Loves & Hugs!


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Denver is for Lovers! LOVERS!!!!!!!!!

Good morning,
Just got back from an amazing trip to Colorado. It was everything I hoped for and more. When we got into Denver Thursday night we picked up our rental car and drove straight to the Curtis hotel. It was really contemporary and served warm gooey chocolate chip cookies upon arrival! (YUM) Dropped our bags off and headed out to the streets of downtown. We aimlessly walked hand and hand. Finding our way down Arapahoe street. Talking to a local on the corner, he mentioned we should go get a slice of Za from Two Fisted Mario's. When we walked in were were taken back because it looked pretty seedy. Then behind this black curtain.... WHOA! not expecting a super rad black and red horror themed bar... Double Daughters bar. We were super excited because it was Karaoke night so obviously we signed up to sing Johnny Cash & June Carter- Jackson. Nick sang R. Kelly- Ignition. I have video! :-)

Next morning was a sleep in kind of day since we did not get to sleep till 2am the previous night. We had a jam packed day. Ate at Sam's Diner, got in the car and drove to Colorado Springs. Garden of the Gods was spectacular and everything I thought it would be. The drive was fun since we could see all the beautiful mountains and take in the surroundings from afar. The Royal Gorge Zip line was ridiculously fun! I was super worried thinking my cable would snap. We went on 9 lines and just zipped our way through. Our guides were really nice and accommodating since we were a little late.

The Rocky Mountains were breathtaking and massive. I loved hiking through the trails and slipping on ice. ha! ok I fell once, no big deal it was graceful. So what if I made my boyfriend make a heart around the Mountain tops... Its cute! We saw some Elk, Deer, and Coyotes.  Estes park is cute, the downtown area had some cool shops. I was gifted a nice Wild Fire Topaz ring that is gorgeous from my incredible boyfriend Nick! I love you xo!

We ate at an amazing restaurant:
Osteria Marco- GET THE LAMB MEATBALLS! They were heavenly, same with Carpaccio (salty)

Recess (fun bar, bags, outdoor area, do not get Brie bites they're yucky)
Double Daughters

All in all it was a marvelous trip!


Denver trip tips for newbies:

- Eye drops
- Advil (headache meds)
- Water (lots and lots)
- Flashlight for hiking (sun goes down early)
- Maps of trails (do they loop back?)
- Backpack of food (hiking purposes)
- Selfie stick

PSA- ***** ELEVATION IS NO JOKE, 2 BEERS = 4 BEERS***** Drink responsibly

Friday, October 16, 2015

It puts the Goat Milk lotion on the skin... oh and It feels amazing!

Happy Friday to you happy loving, blog reading, amazing humans!

Goats goats goats...
So cute, so amazing, I want one, I love them, they smell, they poop out little balls that look like chocolate eww weirdly gross but still cute!

Ok so I recently went to Door county as you know if you read my god damn blog!
I went into a little boutique up by Washington Island ( we did not go to the island, because my boyfriend said we had no time.)
Anyway I bought this incredible Nature By Canus Lotion - Goats Milk - Original Formula

Buy it online not in boutiques for GOATS SAKE! I got ripped off but oh well.. I learned my lesson

Since this purchase I have found that this goat obsession is very much alive and in society. Maybe I am late to the goat party... but let's explore the amazing benefits of goats milk.

1. Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Goat milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid which help remove dead skin cells from your skin’s surface. This leaves new cells on the surface of your skin that are smoother and younger looking. The alpha-hydroxy acids are so effective because they break down the bonds that hold the dead skin cells together. Removing dead skin cells will help many skin conditions by removing irritation. (DEAD SKIN IS GROSS)
2. Vitamins. Goat milk contains many vitamins, but is particularly high in Vitamin A, which is necessary to repair damaged skin tissue, and maintain healthy skin. There have been several medical studies showing that creams made with Vitamin A reduce lines and wrinkles, control acne, and provide some psoriasis relief.
4. Minerals. Goat milk contains important minerals for the skin such as selenium. Selenium is believed by scientists to have an important role in preventing skin cancer. Selenium can also help prevent damage to the skin from excessive time in the sun. Although the water used in other soaps may contain minerals such as calcium, sodium, or iron (commonly found in tap water), that’s not much help when it comes to your skin. GOATS ARE WONDERFUL!
Ok so goats are good! but if you are like me you have always dreamt of Goat slippers. Here ya go!


If you want to visit a Midwest goat farm located in Indiana here is one that I recently got a catalog from. I plan to go soon.


Goat songs and remakes:

*my bf thinks my blog sucks. GO F*% A GOAT!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Oh only 77 days till Christmas... Whoa

Is this real life... It is almost time to say goodbye to 2015. This is somewhat tragic because 1. I didn't get a lot accomplished on my 2015 bucket list 2. I did not loose 8 lbs 3. I did not stick with my resolution of going to the gym 4 days a week. but... The silver lining is I met an amazing man Nick, Got my divorced finalized, went to Door county, went to FL, Chicago, and had an amazing year with my daughters, friends and family. So who cares about resolutions and bucket lists. Back to the title.... Christmas is coming. So last night I was thinking hmmm I only have 12 paychecks before the big day of presents and spiked egg nog!

I did some shopping with Julianna and got some really awesome deals on clothes for the kids.
Just a few things nothing major. I also took her to the toy section where she wanted everything from lip gloss, to fake babies who shit themselves. EW no bueno! So I took a little note card and wrote down some of the items she was interested in such as; a 5 piece tea set and a high chair for her fake babies. This helps eliminate unwanted presents and also organizes my shopping list so I can set aside X amount of dollars for the kids. Brooklyn just wants shoes, shoes and oh more shoes. She is obsessed. I think she gets that from her Nana!

Is it crazy that I am buying stuff already? I don't think so and I like being pro active about shopping. Let's face it shopping is therapy and when it's shopping for others it makes our hearts feel warm and fuzzy inside like a little tiny bunny hopping through the Christmas forest.

Click here for the countdown and a creepy looking Santa picture:

A few of my favorite website for shopping online are:

Happy shopping... don't forget that for all your hard work you deserve a little something too... like a yacht or a Range Rover. Jus sayin....

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ladies and Gents! Start your CROCK POTS!!

So I don't know about you but I love crock pots they are super easy to use, you rarely can F up a recipe. Reasons why I love the crock pot (not in a particular order)

1. easy
2. delicious
3. clean up is quick
4. leave it on for hours
5. busy moms have no time to slave over a stove
6. easy to store it in fridge for leftover purposes
7. transportable
8. um.... easy.. oh Wait that is number 1. ha!

ok I have a Hamilton Beach crock pot (slow cooker for politically correct snobs)

                                    Isn't she a beaut!!? ^^^^ It's like every mom's dream appliance!

So I obviously love Pintrest for good recipes but I also find that just searching in google " Easy crock pot recipes" or "simple" "5 ingredients" also gets you to some good ones. I'm all about low cost, low maintenance and delicious tasting meals.. Duh aren't we all? ok so any who!!!!!!! Here is a link for some of the best ideas to start cookin it up in the CROCK POT!

This is me with short hair... in clip art form.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's just life... chill the F out

.........wondering why life is taken so seriously and often stressful for many people- me included in this.
I mean lets recap a day in the life of myself (mostly a day in the life)
wake up to an alarm that Ive hit snooze on at least 3 times- It's a pleasant melody not a crazy beeping and fire alarm sound
but more like a light classical walk in the woods sound of birds chirping and little rabbits eating berries.
I think this may be the cause as to the 3 hits of snooze idk.
7:15am I turn on light, pet dog, run to the bathroom to pee and can barley see anything
my eyes are still adjusting. I usually keep the lights off and very dim. I hate bright lights
in the morning. I have sensitive eyes. I yell (nicely) Brooklyn wake up its past 7am! lets go
flip on her light. Let the dog out to pee, she pees on the concrete its super annoying and gross
why the hell cant she go out in the damn grass!!! ugh whatever she has a complex.
Take my thyroid pill- choke it down because I hate pills. I grab shit for lunch. like
a banana or maybe if I'm lucky I have take out left overs or a chobani. I hate grocery shopping

Kids are still waking up and I am helping Julianna get dressed and ready for the day she hates
every outfit but decides on a plain t shirt with sweater and leggings. Brooklyn is so
picky she hates all outfits and tries to barrow everything in my closet or shoe pile.
I finally throw on a pair of 7 year old work pants that I bought at wet seal when I thought
that store was cool. They barley fit. (too big) this is weird to me but makes me feel good
about myself. I skim the toothbrush on my teeth and run downstairs to the basement (toothbrush still on buzzing on my teeth) I fill the dog bowl and run upstairs like I'm a giant and then say lets go lets go!Grab a gogurt because we need to leave now... I mean now c'mon kids lets go. I run through
what Brooklyn needs fast: keys, bus pass, and cell? Check!

And we are off... Drive Brooklyn to school drop her off by the Starbucks parking lot so she can walk from there. The traffic and mini van parade is way to much to handle before 8am - F THAT!
I pull into the 5 car drive up Starbucks line order a quick Grande Vanilla Soy Latte-
I still have no idea why I get soy... I mean I love milk I am not lactose. I just
Get that order. Its dumb but tastes so good. I ask Julianna if she wants anything
She has a handful of goldfish crackers and is in good spirits playing with some little
plastic pony with purple glitter hair. Off to the next school- Daycare! Pull up check my cell phone see the time and realize we need to hurry I have 20 min to get to work and punch in. Julianna is excited for school for 5 min then says she doesn't want to go. OH well we cant always get what we want- Rolling stones said it best. Kiss her goodbye then peek in the window blow 5 kisses and make a funny face at her then walk away... sad but glad she is learning and getting to be around other kiddos her age.

Punch into work with 1 min to spare. Out of breath from the walk in and going up the flight of stairs at way to fast pace for this early. Trying not to spill Starbucks all over my sweater.
Work is... well.... work so I do my best for 8 hrs. Crack jokes with my co workers. etc.
I then leave quickly 5pm on the dot. Traffic sucks per usual. I go pick up Julianna she runs
and jumps into my arms. My fav part of the day is now! Holding her and hearing about
how she skinned her poor little knee or maybe she read a book about a big red dog. Either way
I love her so much that these little memories of her day is what sparks a smile on me immediately.

Get home- Say Hi Brooklyn how was school, What happened today anything fun? What homework are you suppose to do? She has already had a bowl of cereal or a yogurt. I ask what they want for
dinner. Options PBJ, grilled cheese, pasta with chicken (bagged frozen meal), ravioli,
mac n cheese. Or ham and cheese on wheat. Usually it is Julianna wanting mac n cheese and
Brooklyn not really responding so I just make a bunch of random stuff put in on the table
and Hope it gets ate.

I do dishes, let dog out. Thrown laundry in. Take it out of dryer
fold it. Put it away. Play some sort of "play kitchen game" with Julianna we make
cupcakes and or smoothies (fake of course) Then we will talk about random stuff or lets
be honest Brooklyn is fighting with me about something. she is almost 12 so yea that is
the world we live in.. Brooklyn's World (not like Wayne's world at all) but we try to
keep the peace. I put Julianna in bath. She gets half the water on the floor and
gets me soaked with water. Cool... not! Brooklyn fights with me about showering. She hates
taking them sometimes. She would rather make duct tape crafts and what not.
Then I get them ready for bed- J goes down easily. (only getting out of bed 3 times to pretend
she has to poop or pee) Brooklyn keeps saying she will go but after the 7th time of telling her to go she finally does I have to be stern. I then remember... wait I didn't eat dinner nor did I even clean up the toys or shower myself

So Then I do all that. It's now 10pm I'm so tired I hit the bed and fall asleep asap!
then alarm goes off 630 - Hit snooze goes off at 645 then hit snooze then 7am alarm I hit snooze
but still awake and lay there for 10 min. and then repeat Mon- Fri!
Its a rat race and sucks sometimes but hey I'm alive and have 2 awesome kids and a roof over my head! Cheers, peace out girl scout (Brooklyn taught me that one)

My loves!! My sweeties!! My Babies!!
I love them to the moon and back.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blog to remember

So it was brought to my attention that my blog really has no point... duh. I know that is why it's so me sometimes I just type to type. I am not politically correct nor am I trying to really capture an audience for a future talk show. I mean I'm a 30 year old mom of 2 that lives in the midwest. Pretty basic .... well I dont try to be but it just seems like I run with the masses here.

So trust me you are not telling me something I don't already know... her blog is pretty mundane and the point to it is irrelevent. Cool.. Bye.

Anyway.... How bout that Packers game last night!!

My daughter Julianna (my baby) turned 3 last night and I was taken back by how fast time goes by.
It's bittersweet to watch your kids grow up. I miss her as a little baby, now she swats at me and says weird stuff like "Damn it lola dont bark" (not a proud parent moment when your kid throws out swear words at the dog) oh well she is a sweet princess who got an AWESOME new bike that I did not put together but my amazingly handsome partner Nick. :-)

Well Peace out girl scout

Monday, September 28, 2015

Door County - First timer!

This past weekend I was forunate enough to get out of the city and into the beautiful scenery of Door County or if you are cool you say DOCO ( Pronounced : Dough Co)
My amazing boyfriend Nick, took me on the not so long drive from Milwaukee Friday night we arrived to the Stone Harbor which is technically Sturgeon Bay. The only place that was open for food was a place called Brick Lot on 3rd street. I had a decent and tastey Perch sandwich. Washed it down with a beer and a Jameson shot. The night air was cool and we strolled along to the next local establishment I really don't remember lol I think it could be the nautical inn or something. Either way we danced a little and drank another cold one. Lauging and loving every moment in our new little northern getaway.

The next day we decide to sleep in a bit and relax in the loft bedroom suite we had. Remembering what the local Bartender said about taking Bayshore Rd instead of the mundane hwy 42. We get some crappy coffee and a stale bear claw from Lola's dinner (Sorry Lola but it was super dry and old)
Headed north and stopped at the little cute town in Sister bay, Ellison bay, Fish Creek etc. at a nice breakfast and took it all in.

Highlights of the trip:


I think the trees were changing slightly but I think early October to mid October they will be in full organge, red and golden color.

I loved this trip and can not wait to experience it again.

Things to do on the next adventure:
1. Kayak
2. Zip Line
3. Boat tour


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall... WI style!

So it finally hit me... it's totally fall now and I love it. It could be my favorite time of year. I love the crisp cooler air in the morning, the sun out and the leaves so bright and colorful line my street as I drive to work.

So I am one excited for everything pumpkin;
Pumpkin scones
Pumpkin lattes
Pumpkin pie
Carving them
decorating them
picking them
ok.... you get it!


Click the above link to get the latest and greatest in fall fun!

I prefer Elegant farmer and or Basses in Menomonee falls WI
Both amazing places. The top things to do at each are
GET APPLE CIDER (dont eat and drink them at the same time not a good combo)
APPLE PIE IN A BAG (elegant farmer)
FEED THE GOATS (Fav. farm animal)

So with all that to do make sure you still keep it real and schedule these activities around the PACKERS!!! we are already looking damn good out there and we just shoved some cheese down the baby bears throats last Sunday! loved it!! (my bf is a bears fan) <---- ew! but it makes it fun to watch the games together haha! he was a little upset last weekend.

So anyways hope you enjoy all the fall fun in WI and make sure to grab a pumpkin latte' it's the best DUH!

Monday, August 24, 2015

30.. already.. where is time going?

Well guess who is 30...?


*hint person typing this, brown hair, brown eyes and also now in a new age bracket!? IT’S ME ITS ME!

So I just celebrated my big 3-0

I had an amazing weekend in Chicago with my sweetie Nick. We went to Aviary, Stayed at the Thompson Hotel, went to Gibson’s, Oak & Char, The Berkshire, walked around the city (saw some big rats ) and the best part was going on Lake Michigan with a bunch of really great people. First timer out on the big open great lake, the sail boat was really nice, and saw the air show.

But on my actual birthday I received lots of love from my co-workers at Bradley. Nick of course surprised me with an incredible bouquet of flowers. I loved that... made me feel so special.

Dave & Busters is where we went at night the kids and Nick accompanied me after we had super yummy cupcakes. Lola (my pit bull) secretly jumped up and ate one off the table (sorry Nick) lol

This past weekend Aug. 22nd a few of my girls and some of Nick's friends all got together for a fun night out in Milwaukee. First was the roof top of Nick's beer and balloons flowin like water.

Went to Millioke for cocktails and eats.

Went to Taylors, Plum lounge and then very briefly stepped in Bad genie.


Brittany -XO

*Aviary Loaded to the gun walls - Fav drink - recommendation the bottle is so dope!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Holiday... celebrate! Happy 4th of July Americans!

Only 2 more days left of the work week which is so great! Don't we all love those?!

So I don't have too much planned and nor do I want to. I'd like to just relax and keep it chill.

I have a concert to go to on Thursday night.... Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros!!! Only one of my favorite indie folk bands! Alex Ebert you are beautiful and I love that you overcame some past substance abuse you are very strong willed and a great artist. Someone won them at work and gave them to me because... let's face it I'm broke and I love this band so they were kind enough to give out a little charity.

My daughter Brooklyn wants to go to the Stone Bank Parade on Friday July 3rd. Starts at 11am I would rather go to the pool if it's going to be hot out. She is very stubborn like me which is obviously going to cause issues later on in life. We will compromise I'm sure and do both.

I'd like to go on the boat or hike this weekend at Pewitt’s Gorge. I don't know I just want to get out of the city for a little while. Big fish in a small pond.  Really annoyed by some people that just don't know when to shut the f up. People in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks... I think that's the saying. Either way I will be enjoying myself this lovely weekend! Hope you do the same! Love & Peace!


Friday, June 26, 2015


Summerfest was a blast last night!! Very happy I got to go see Kings of Leon! I really didn't think I was going but last min. we got tickets and headed to fest it up! Got in around 830pm enjoyed the concert that sounded amazing! Had bleacher seats and cold beers not complaining one bit!

Got to eat and enjoy 2 of my favorite foodie items at Summerfest.
1. Corn on the cob
2. Saz's sampler platter (picture below for drool effect)

Saw Public Enemy while I was eating my fried platter at the Oasis! that was unexpected and random but hey FIGHT THE POWER! haha

Headed to the last stage of the night and closed out with Andy McMahon! Incredible, beautiful and amazing! He actually ran out in the crowd and had this cool parachute thing that people were under. Very good show and on a FREE stage! Fabulous night!

Worth the money, but you will be addicted to the fries and have to go up for more most likely!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Delivery of craft projects?! Awesome!

So many fun ideas for at home delivery projects, food, pet stuff and make-up. I have just been introduced to so many different kinds over the past few months. I cannot commit to all of them of course. I have heard great things about Bark Box, Little Passports, Hello Fresh, Ipsy, Tarte, etc. I think the ease of convenience of it coming to your door and trying new samples is awesome! I am patiently waiting my order it will be here in a few weeks!! I read the reviews of other customers and they all seem to have great things to say about the products and how they custom the orders based on your skin type, shadow preference, and other items you choose in the quiz you take before you order. I will post pics of my first order from Ipsy. I really want some new lipstick especially fun summer colors! Ok back to the reason of this blog... Have you ever tried any DIY delivery kits? Was it fun? Good products? Easy? Share with me your thoughts I think this is a great gift for my daughter Brooklyn who loooooves duct tape crafts and is a fashionista!

Post in the comments what your reviews are and what sites you go to for you projects and diy crafts!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Ugh Monday....

Well the weekend shaped up to be a great one.. I did not make it to Lapham peak but that's ok. Sometimes you just can't do it all. I am looking forward to this week though. It is the first day of summer school for my oldest daughter Brooklyn. She is taking Math, Reading, French, Sign language and Science. She hopes to be a vet one day so I told her "keep your head in the books and out of the drama school brings.

 Summerfest kicks off in a few days and I'm excited to go a few times (hopefully) I am also working during the fest. UBER GIRL! I'll be working from 1030 to 230am most nights to make sure people get home safely. It's great money too! I want to go see Andrew McMahon Thursday night at the U.S Cellular stage. Santigold is on my list of people to see as well. So many amazing acts this year. Stevie Wonder and Kendrick Lamar would be epic but cash flow is not available so I'll have to pass on those unless someone takes me for free haha (doubtful).

OH so I did go to this new work out place (new for me). It's in the third ward downtown Milwaukee on Water St. The Barre Code, it is a mixture of ballet and core strength some cardio and let me just say OMG I was sore the next day like you wouldn't believe it was AWESOME! For sure going back, very clean, friendly and the teacher was so easy to follow throughout the 45 min class!

I also signed up for IPSY!! They send you makeup every month based on what you like and it's $10

 Get your workout on... it is summer after all! $8 dollar drop in classes but book online as they fill up quickly

Check the line up and go experience the amazing sounds of summerfest.

Friday, June 19, 2015

New Age Narcissism - NAN - Live at Jazz Gallery

Excited to see them at SUMMER SOLSTICE! 9:45pm EAST STAGE! #NAN

Weekend activites include but not limited to the following

Good Morning!  So the weekend here! Weather is going to be in the mid-70's with high in the upper 80's but enough with that.. So tonight I have a business meeting with a great friend Royal who owns Empowered MKE a fitness studio/boot camp instructor. We will be discussing Isagenix and all the benefits of the product. I got to pick the location for dinner which is always really fun for me since im such a foodie! So we are headed to North Ave in Tosa to Juniper 61. I’ll include the website in the links so you can check out the seasonal options they offer. It is one of my favorites. Saturday morning I’ll get up super early around... 6:30am I know that sounds lame but really it's not because.... I am going hiking at Lapham peak in Delafield which will be a nice cool morning workout. I think I’ll drag along Justin to accompany me in case I get lost... lol After Hiking I have 4 appointments... which I am in desperate need of!! Massage/facial and Mani/pedi all at the fabulous salon on wells Street called east town spa & salon. I got these as a Mother's day gift. So yay me, it’s a fun pamper day! Summer Solstice is Saturday and that means North ave. will shut down and local bands, and beer stands will be set up in the streets for an all-night party!! EAST STAGE IS WHERE I’LL BE: *5:45 CANOPIES *7:00 DELTA ROUTINE *8:15 GGOOLLDD *9:45 NEW AGE NARCISSISM All really exceptional local bands and groups! I’ve seen GGOOLLDD a few times now and they always kill it on stage. NAN is wildly beautiful and gets the crowed jacked up! I love the energy they bring! So if you see me buy me a drink because let's face it I’m broke haha jk but seriously maybe one Riverwest stein would be good karma for you. Xo Sunday BLOODY SUNDAY! Cruising down to CHI TOWN!! For Logan square market which is said to be spectacular! Definitely want some Tacos and coronas too. Maybe stop at Buffalo exchange or pop into Zara to see about getting some new summer stuff. Looking forward to a fun weekend! Stay blessed, stay safe and keep smiling your soul is beautiful~ Let it shine!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer is here! Hiking & Reading on the horizon

Well... I am thrilled that it's finally nice outside. Summer is officially here. Summerfest will kick off next week which is so great and fun! I have been keeping busy... obviously I never have down time which is fine with me. I only live once I might as well be amusing- Coco I have decided that I will read one new book a month and also Hike a new state park as much as I'm able to. So far I have hiked Devil Lake which is in Baraboo WI, beautiful and amazing views. It is somewhat hard but a nice day trip to take. I would not recommend small kids going. I just went with my friend Anaka. I also went to High Cliff State park last weekend and was able to bring the girls with me. Julianna was in the backpack carrier mostly but still fun, Brooklyn enjoyed the rock formations and climbing to the top we ventured off the trail and did some exploring. It was about 1.5 hrs. away from Milwaukee, WI we left the city it was raining and foggy but as soon as we got into Chilton, WI the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day!

I Just finished the Lena Dunham book "Not that kind of girl" It was such a good book, but kind of raunchy, she tells her story in a comedic way which is why I like her. She is humorous and not afraid to tell it like it is. Her show Girls is really funny and dirty. His life seemed pretty good growing up in NYC and going to preppy summer camps seemed all too familiar. I borrowed a book from a sweet lady at work named Patty. It's called "Wild" it was just recently made into a movie. I'm on chapter 2 and so far I really enjoy reading her struggles and the reality of losing a parent to cancer. It's so extreme but also made her realize she needs to be strong and hold it together for her to survive. I did watch the movie starring Reese Witherspoon and I cried, laughed and thought about my own struggles and triumphs. I just recently decided I could no longer be in a toxic marriage so I decided without a doubt in my head that I needed to escape the negative and emotional abuse marriage. I filled for divorce August 18th 2014, 2 days before I turned 29. I knew I only had one life and that life would not be buried under that man's cynical and destructive personality. I got out.... One day I'll write a book about the crazy 29 years I have lived on this earth but until then let’s enjoy the happy moments