Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Holiday... celebrate! Happy 4th of July Americans!

Only 2 more days left of the work week which is so great! Don't we all love those?!

So I don't have too much planned and nor do I want to. I'd like to just relax and keep it chill.

I have a concert to go to on Thursday night.... Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros!!! Only one of my favorite indie folk bands! Alex Ebert you are beautiful and I love that you overcame some past substance abuse you are very strong willed and a great artist. Someone won them at work and gave them to me because... let's face it I'm broke and I love this band so they were kind enough to give out a little charity.

My daughter Brooklyn wants to go to the Stone Bank Parade on Friday July 3rd. Starts at 11am I would rather go to the pool if it's going to be hot out. She is very stubborn like me which is obviously going to cause issues later on in life. We will compromise I'm sure and do both.

I'd like to go on the boat or hike this weekend at Pewitt’s Gorge. I don't know I just want to get out of the city for a little while. Big fish in a small pond.  Really annoyed by some people that just don't know when to shut the f up. People in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks... I think that's the saying. Either way I will be enjoying myself this lovely weekend! Hope you do the same! Love & Peace!


Friday, June 26, 2015


Summerfest was a blast last night!! Very happy I got to go see Kings of Leon! I really didn't think I was going but last min. we got tickets and headed to fest it up! Got in around 830pm enjoyed the concert that sounded amazing! Had bleacher seats and cold beers not complaining one bit!

Got to eat and enjoy 2 of my favorite foodie items at Summerfest.
1. Corn on the cob
2. Saz's sampler platter (picture below for drool effect)

Saw Public Enemy while I was eating my fried platter at the Oasis! that was unexpected and random but hey FIGHT THE POWER! haha

Headed to the last stage of the night and closed out with Andy McMahon! Incredible, beautiful and amazing! He actually ran out in the crowd and had this cool parachute thing that people were under. Very good show and on a FREE stage! Fabulous night!

Worth the money, but you will be addicted to the fries and have to go up for more most likely!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Delivery of craft projects?! Awesome!



So many fun ideas for at home delivery projects, food, pet stuff and make-up. I have just been introduced to so many different kinds over the past few months. I cannot commit to all of them of course. I have heard great things about Bark Box, Little Passports, Hello Fresh, Ipsy, Tarte, etc. I think the ease of convenience of it coming to your door and trying new samples is awesome! I am patiently waiting my Ipsy.com order it will be here in a few weeks!! I read the reviews of other customers and they all seem to have great things to say about the products and how they custom the orders based on your skin type, shadow preference, and other items you choose in the quiz you take before you order. I will post pics of my first order from Ipsy. I really want some new lipstick especially fun summer colors! Ok back to the reason of this blog... Have you ever tried any DIY delivery kits? Was it fun? Good products? Easy? Share with me your thoughts I think this is a great gift for my daughter Brooklyn who loooooves duct tape crafts and is a fashionista!

Post in the comments what your reviews are and what sites you go to for you projects and diy crafts!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Ugh Monday....

Well the weekend shaped up to be a great one.. I did not make it to Lapham peak but that's ok. Sometimes you just can't do it all. I am looking forward to this week though. It is the first day of summer school for my oldest daughter Brooklyn. She is taking Math, Reading, French, Sign language and Science. She hopes to be a vet one day so I told her "keep your head in the books and out of the drama school brings.

 Summerfest kicks off in a few days and I'm excited to go a few times (hopefully) I am also working during the fest. UBER GIRL! I'll be working from 1030 to 230am most nights to make sure people get home safely. It's great money too! I want to go see Andrew McMahon Thursday night at the U.S Cellular stage. Santigold is on my list of people to see as well. So many amazing acts this year. Stevie Wonder and Kendrick Lamar would be epic but cash flow is not available so I'll have to pass on those unless someone takes me for free haha (doubtful).

OH so I did go to this new work out place (new for me). It's in the third ward downtown Milwaukee on Water St. The Barre Code, it is a mixture of ballet and core strength some cardio and let me just say OMG I was sore the next day like you wouldn't believe it was AWESOME! For sure going back, very clean, friendly and the teacher was so easy to follow throughout the 45 min class!

I also signed up for IPSY!! They send you makeup every month based on what you like and it's $10 www.Ipsy.com

 Get your workout on... it is summer after all! $8 dollar drop in classes but book online as they fill up quickly


Check the line up and go experience the amazing sounds of summerfest. www.summerfest.com

Friday, June 19, 2015

New Age Narcissism - NAN - Live at Jazz Gallery

Excited to see them at SUMMER SOLSTICE! 9:45pm EAST STAGE! #NAN

Weekend activites include but not limited to the following

Good Morning!  So the weekend here! Weather is going to be in the mid-70's with high in the upper 80's but enough with that.. So tonight I have a business meeting with a great friend Royal who owns Empowered MKE a fitness studio/boot camp instructor. We will be discussing Isagenix and all the benefits of the product. I got to pick the location for dinner which is always really fun for me since im such a foodie! So we are headed to North Ave in Tosa to Juniper 61. I’ll include the website in the links so you can check out the seasonal options they offer. It is one of my favorites. Saturday morning I’ll get up super early around... 6:30am I know that sounds lame but really it's not because.... I am going hiking at Lapham peak in Delafield which will be a nice cool morning workout. I think I’ll drag along Justin to accompany me in case I get lost... lol After Hiking I have 4 appointments... which I am in desperate need of!! Massage/facial and Mani/pedi all at the fabulous salon on wells Street called east town spa & salon. I got these as a Mother's day gift. So yay me, it’s a fun pamper day! Summer Solstice is Saturday and that means North ave. will shut down and local bands, and beer stands will be set up in the streets for an all-night party!! EAST STAGE IS WHERE I’LL BE: *5:45 CANOPIES *7:00 DELTA ROUTINE *8:15 GGOOLLDD *9:45 NEW AGE NARCISSISM All really exceptional local bands and groups! I’ve seen GGOOLLDD a few times now and they always kill it on stage. NAN is wildly beautiful and gets the crowed jacked up! I love the energy they bring! So if you see me buy me a drink because let's face it I’m broke haha jk but seriously maybe one Riverwest stein would be good karma for you. Xo Sunday BLOODY SUNDAY! Cruising down to CHI TOWN!! For Logan square market which is said to be spectacular! Definitely want some Tacos and coronas too. Maybe stop at Buffalo exchange or pop into Zara to see about getting some new summer stuff. Looking forward to a fun weekend! Stay blessed, stay safe and keep smiling your soul is beautiful~ Let it shine! http://www.theeastside.org/happenings/summer-soulstice

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer is here! Hiking & Reading on the horizon

Well... I am thrilled that it's finally nice outside. Summer is officially here. Summerfest will kick off next week which is so great and fun! I have been keeping busy... obviously I never have down time which is fine with me. I only live once I might as well be amusing- Coco I have decided that I will read one new book a month and also Hike a new state park as much as I'm able to. So far I have hiked Devil Lake which is in Baraboo WI, beautiful and amazing views. It is somewhat hard but a nice day trip to take. I would not recommend small kids going. I just went with my friend Anaka. I also went to High Cliff State park last weekend and was able to bring the girls with me. Julianna was in the backpack carrier mostly but still fun, Brooklyn enjoyed the rock formations and climbing to the top we ventured off the trail and did some exploring. It was about 1.5 hrs. away from Milwaukee, WI we left the city it was raining and foggy but as soon as we got into Chilton, WI the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day!

I Just finished the Lena Dunham book "Not that kind of girl" It was such a good book, but kind of raunchy, she tells her story in a comedic way which is why I like her. She is humorous and not afraid to tell it like it is. Her show Girls is really funny and dirty. His life seemed pretty good growing up in NYC and going to preppy summer camps seemed all too familiar. I borrowed a book from a sweet lady at work named Patty. It's called "Wild" it was just recently made into a movie. I'm on chapter 2 and so far I really enjoy reading her struggles and the reality of losing a parent to cancer. It's so extreme but also made her realize she needs to be strong and hold it together for her to survive. I did watch the movie starring Reese Witherspoon and I cried, laughed and thought about my own struggles and triumphs. I just recently decided I could no longer be in a toxic marriage so I decided without a doubt in my head that I needed to escape the negative and emotional abuse marriage. I filled for divorce August 18th 2014, 2 days before I turned 29. I knew I only had one life and that life would not be buried under that man's cynical and destructive personality. I got out.... One day I'll write a book about the crazy 29 years I have lived on this earth but until then let’s enjoy the happy moments