Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Delivery of craft projects?! Awesome!



So many fun ideas for at home delivery projects, food, pet stuff and make-up. I have just been introduced to so many different kinds over the past few months. I cannot commit to all of them of course. I have heard great things about Bark Box, Little Passports, Hello Fresh, Ipsy, Tarte, etc. I think the ease of convenience of it coming to your door and trying new samples is awesome! I am patiently waiting my Ipsy.com order it will be here in a few weeks!! I read the reviews of other customers and they all seem to have great things to say about the products and how they custom the orders based on your skin type, shadow preference, and other items you choose in the quiz you take before you order. I will post pics of my first order from Ipsy. I really want some new lipstick especially fun summer colors! Ok back to the reason of this blog... Have you ever tried any DIY delivery kits? Was it fun? Good products? Easy? Share with me your thoughts I think this is a great gift for my daughter Brooklyn who loooooves duct tape crafts and is a fashionista!

Post in the comments what your reviews are and what sites you go to for you projects and diy crafts!