Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer is here! Hiking & Reading on the horizon

Well... I am thrilled that it's finally nice outside. Summer is officially here. Summerfest will kick off next week which is so great and fun! I have been keeping busy... obviously I never have down time which is fine with me. I only live once I might as well be amusing- Coco I have decided that I will read one new book a month and also Hike a new state park as much as I'm able to. So far I have hiked Devil Lake which is in Baraboo WI, beautiful and amazing views. It is somewhat hard but a nice day trip to take. I would not recommend small kids going. I just went with my friend Anaka. I also went to High Cliff State park last weekend and was able to bring the girls with me. Julianna was in the backpack carrier mostly but still fun, Brooklyn enjoyed the rock formations and climbing to the top we ventured off the trail and did some exploring. It was about 1.5 hrs. away from Milwaukee, WI we left the city it was raining and foggy but as soon as we got into Chilton, WI the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day!

I Just finished the Lena Dunham book "Not that kind of girl" It was such a good book, but kind of raunchy, she tells her story in a comedic way which is why I like her. She is humorous and not afraid to tell it like it is. Her show Girls is really funny and dirty. His life seemed pretty good growing up in NYC and going to preppy summer camps seemed all too familiar. I borrowed a book from a sweet lady at work named Patty. It's called "Wild" it was just recently made into a movie. I'm on chapter 2 and so far I really enjoy reading her struggles and the reality of losing a parent to cancer. It's so extreme but also made her realize she needs to be strong and hold it together for her to survive. I did watch the movie starring Reese Witherspoon and I cried, laughed and thought about my own struggles and triumphs. I just recently decided I could no longer be in a toxic marriage so I decided without a doubt in my head that I needed to escape the negative and emotional abuse marriage. I filled for divorce August 18th 2014, 2 days before I turned 29. I knew I only had one life and that life would not be buried under that man's cynical and destructive personality. I got out.... One day I'll write a book about the crazy 29 years I have lived on this earth but until then let’s enjoy the happy moments