Friday, June 26, 2015


Summerfest was a blast last night!! Very happy I got to go see Kings of Leon! I really didn't think I was going but last min. we got tickets and headed to fest it up! Got in around 830pm enjoyed the concert that sounded amazing! Had bleacher seats and cold beers not complaining one bit!

Got to eat and enjoy 2 of my favorite foodie items at Summerfest.
1. Corn on the cob
2. Saz's sampler platter (picture below for drool effect)

Saw Public Enemy while I was eating my fried platter at the Oasis! that was unexpected and random but hey FIGHT THE POWER! haha

Headed to the last stage of the night and closed out with Andy McMahon! Incredible, beautiful and amazing! He actually ran out in the crowd and had this cool parachute thing that people were under. Very good show and on a FREE stage! Fabulous night!

Worth the money, but you will be addicted to the fries and have to go up for more most likely!