Monday, August 24, 2015

30.. already.. where is time going?

Well guess who is 30...?


*hint person typing this, brown hair, brown eyes and also now in a new age bracket!? IT’S ME ITS ME!

So I just celebrated my big 3-0

I had an amazing weekend in Chicago with my sweetie Nick. We went to Aviary, Stayed at the Thompson Hotel, went to Gibson’s, Oak & Char, The Berkshire, walked around the city (saw some big rats ) and the best part was going on Lake Michigan with a bunch of really great people. First timer out on the big open great lake, the sail boat was really nice, and saw the air show.

But on my actual birthday I received lots of love from my co-workers at Bradley. Nick of course surprised me with an incredible bouquet of flowers. I loved that... made me feel so special.

Dave & Busters is where we went at night the kids and Nick accompanied me after we had super yummy cupcakes. Lola (my pit bull) secretly jumped up and ate one off the table (sorry Nick) lol

This past weekend Aug. 22nd a few of my girls and some of Nick's friends all got together for a fun night out in Milwaukee. First was the roof top of Nick's beer and balloons flowin like water.

Went to Millioke for cocktails and eats.

Went to Taylors, Plum lounge and then very briefly stepped in Bad genie.


Brittany -XO

*Aviary Loaded to the gun walls - Fav drink - recommendation the bottle is so dope!