Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall... WI style!

So it finally hit me... it's totally fall now and I love it. It could be my favorite time of year. I love the crisp cooler air in the morning, the sun out and the leaves so bright and colorful line my street as I drive to work.

So I am one excited for everything pumpkin;
Pumpkin scones
Pumpkin lattes
Pumpkin pie
Carving them
decorating them
picking them
ok.... you get it!


Click the above link to get the latest and greatest in fall fun!

I prefer Elegant farmer and or Basses in Menomonee falls WI
Both amazing places. The top things to do at each are
GET APPLE CIDER (dont eat and drink them at the same time not a good combo)
APPLE PIE IN A BAG (elegant farmer)
FEED THE GOATS (Fav. farm animal)

So with all that to do make sure you still keep it real and schedule these activities around the PACKERS!!! we are already looking damn good out there and we just shoved some cheese down the baby bears throats last Sunday! loved it!! (my bf is a bears fan) <---- ew! but it makes it fun to watch the games together haha! he was a little upset last weekend.

So anyways hope you enjoy all the fall fun in WI and make sure to grab a pumpkin latte' it's the best DUH!