Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Denver is for Lovers! LOVERS!!!!!!!!!

Good morning,
Just got back from an amazing trip to Colorado. It was everything I hoped for and more. When we got into Denver Thursday night we picked up our rental car and drove straight to the Curtis hotel. It was really contemporary and served warm gooey chocolate chip cookies upon arrival! (YUM) Dropped our bags off and headed out to the streets of downtown. We aimlessly walked hand and hand. Finding our way down Arapahoe street. Talking to a local on the corner, he mentioned we should go get a slice of Za from Two Fisted Mario's. When we walked in were were taken back because it looked pretty seedy. Then behind this black curtain.... WHOA! not expecting a super rad black and red horror themed bar... Double Daughters bar. We were super excited because it was Karaoke night so obviously we signed up to sing Johnny Cash & June Carter- Jackson. Nick sang R. Kelly- Ignition. I have video! :-)

Next morning was a sleep in kind of day since we did not get to sleep till 2am the previous night. We had a jam packed day. Ate at Sam's Diner, got in the car and drove to Colorado Springs. Garden of the Gods was spectacular and everything I thought it would be. The drive was fun since we could see all the beautiful mountains and take in the surroundings from afar. The Royal Gorge Zip line was ridiculously fun! I was super worried thinking my cable would snap. We went on 9 lines and just zipped our way through. Our guides were really nice and accommodating since we were a little late.

The Rocky Mountains were breathtaking and massive. I loved hiking through the trails and slipping on ice. ha! ok I fell once, no big deal it was graceful. So what if I made my boyfriend make a heart around the Mountain tops... Its cute! We saw some Elk, Deer, and Coyotes.  Estes park is cute, the downtown area had some cool shops. I was gifted a nice Wild Fire Topaz ring that is gorgeous from my incredible boyfriend Nick! I love you xo!

We ate at an amazing restaurant:
Osteria Marco- GET THE LAMB MEATBALLS! They were heavenly, same with Carpaccio (salty)

Recess (fun bar, bags, outdoor area, do not get Brie bites they're yucky)
Double Daughters

All in all it was a marvelous trip!


Denver trip tips for newbies:

- Eye drops
- Advil (headache meds)
- Water (lots and lots)
- Flashlight for hiking (sun goes down early)
- Maps of trails (do they loop back?)
- Backpack of food (hiking purposes)
- Selfie stick

PSA- ***** ELEVATION IS NO JOKE, 2 BEERS = 4 BEERS***** Drink responsibly