Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's just life... chill the F out

.........wondering why life is taken so seriously and often stressful for many people- me included in this.
I mean lets recap a day in the life of myself (mostly a day in the life)
wake up to an alarm that Ive hit snooze on at least 3 times- It's a pleasant melody not a crazy beeping and fire alarm sound
but more like a light classical walk in the woods sound of birds chirping and little rabbits eating berries.
I think this may be the cause as to the 3 hits of snooze idk.
7:15am I turn on light, pet dog, run to the bathroom to pee and can barley see anything
my eyes are still adjusting. I usually keep the lights off and very dim. I hate bright lights
in the morning. I have sensitive eyes. I yell (nicely) Brooklyn wake up its past 7am! lets go
flip on her light. Let the dog out to pee, she pees on the concrete its super annoying and gross
why the hell cant she go out in the damn grass!!! ugh whatever she has a complex.
Take my thyroid pill- choke it down because I hate pills. I grab shit for lunch. like
a banana or maybe if I'm lucky I have take out left overs or a chobani. I hate grocery shopping

Kids are still waking up and I am helping Julianna get dressed and ready for the day she hates
every outfit but decides on a plain t shirt with sweater and leggings. Brooklyn is so
picky she hates all outfits and tries to barrow everything in my closet or shoe pile.
I finally throw on a pair of 7 year old work pants that I bought at wet seal when I thought
that store was cool. They barley fit. (too big) this is weird to me but makes me feel good
about myself. I skim the toothbrush on my teeth and run downstairs to the basement (toothbrush still on buzzing on my teeth) I fill the dog bowl and run upstairs like I'm a giant and then say lets go lets go!Grab a gogurt because we need to leave now... I mean now c'mon kids lets go. I run through
what Brooklyn needs fast: keys, bus pass, and cell? Check!

And we are off... Drive Brooklyn to school drop her off by the Starbucks parking lot so she can walk from there. The traffic and mini van parade is way to much to handle before 8am - F THAT!
I pull into the 5 car drive up Starbucks line order a quick Grande Vanilla Soy Latte-
I still have no idea why I get soy... I mean I love milk I am not lactose. I just
Get that order. Its dumb but tastes so good. I ask Julianna if she wants anything
She has a handful of goldfish crackers and is in good spirits playing with some little
plastic pony with purple glitter hair. Off to the next school- Daycare! Pull up check my cell phone see the time and realize we need to hurry I have 20 min to get to work and punch in. Julianna is excited for school for 5 min then says she doesn't want to go. OH well we cant always get what we want- Rolling stones said it best. Kiss her goodbye then peek in the window blow 5 kisses and make a funny face at her then walk away... sad but glad she is learning and getting to be around other kiddos her age.

Punch into work with 1 min to spare. Out of breath from the walk in and going up the flight of stairs at way to fast pace for this early. Trying not to spill Starbucks all over my sweater.
Work is... well.... work so I do my best for 8 hrs. Crack jokes with my co workers. etc.
I then leave quickly 5pm on the dot. Traffic sucks per usual. I go pick up Julianna she runs
and jumps into my arms. My fav part of the day is now! Holding her and hearing about
how she skinned her poor little knee or maybe she read a book about a big red dog. Either way
I love her so much that these little memories of her day is what sparks a smile on me immediately.

Get home- Say Hi Brooklyn how was school, What happened today anything fun? What homework are you suppose to do? She has already had a bowl of cereal or a yogurt. I ask what they want for
dinner. Options PBJ, grilled cheese, pasta with chicken (bagged frozen meal), ravioli,
mac n cheese. Or ham and cheese on wheat. Usually it is Julianna wanting mac n cheese and
Brooklyn not really responding so I just make a bunch of random stuff put in on the table
and Hope it gets ate.

I do dishes, let dog out. Thrown laundry in. Take it out of dryer
fold it. Put it away. Play some sort of "play kitchen game" with Julianna we make
cupcakes and or smoothies (fake of course) Then we will talk about random stuff or lets
be honest Brooklyn is fighting with me about something. she is almost 12 so yea that is
the world we live in.. Brooklyn's World (not like Wayne's world at all) but we try to
keep the peace. I put Julianna in bath. She gets half the water on the floor and
gets me soaked with water. Cool... not! Brooklyn fights with me about showering. She hates
taking them sometimes. She would rather make duct tape crafts and what not.
Then I get them ready for bed- J goes down easily. (only getting out of bed 3 times to pretend
she has to poop or pee) Brooklyn keeps saying she will go but after the 7th time of telling her to go she finally does I have to be stern. I then remember... wait I didn't eat dinner nor did I even clean up the toys or shower myself

So Then I do all that. It's now 10pm I'm so tired I hit the bed and fall asleep asap!
then alarm goes off 630 - Hit snooze goes off at 645 then hit snooze then 7am alarm I hit snooze
but still awake and lay there for 10 min. and then repeat Mon- Fri!
Its a rat race and sucks sometimes but hey I'm alive and have 2 awesome kids and a roof over my head! Cheers, peace out girl scout (Brooklyn taught me that one)

My loves!! My sweeties!! My Babies!!
I love them to the moon and back.