Friday, October 9, 2015

Oh only 77 days till Christmas... Whoa

Is this real life... It is almost time to say goodbye to 2015. This is somewhat tragic because 1. I didn't get a lot accomplished on my 2015 bucket list 2. I did not loose 8 lbs 3. I did not stick with my resolution of going to the gym 4 days a week. but... The silver lining is I met an amazing man Nick, Got my divorced finalized, went to Door county, went to FL, Chicago, and had an amazing year with my daughters, friends and family. So who cares about resolutions and bucket lists. Back to the title.... Christmas is coming. So last night I was thinking hmmm I only have 12 paychecks before the big day of presents and spiked egg nog!

I did some shopping with Julianna and got some really awesome deals on clothes for the kids.
Just a few things nothing major. I also took her to the toy section where she wanted everything from lip gloss, to fake babies who shit themselves. EW no bueno! So I took a little note card and wrote down some of the items she was interested in such as; a 5 piece tea set and a high chair for her fake babies. This helps eliminate unwanted presents and also organizes my shopping list so I can set aside X amount of dollars for the kids. Brooklyn just wants shoes, shoes and oh more shoes. She is obsessed. I think she gets that from her Nana!

Is it crazy that I am buying stuff already? I don't think so and I like being pro active about shopping. Let's face it shopping is therapy and when it's shopping for others it makes our hearts feel warm and fuzzy inside like a little tiny bunny hopping through the Christmas forest.

Click here for the countdown and a creepy looking Santa picture:

A few of my favorite website for shopping online are:

Happy shopping... don't forget that for all your hard work you deserve a little something too... like a yacht or a Range Rover. Jus sayin....