Monday, November 30, 2015

Educate yourself on things you may not see

I am appalled at this abuse and disgusting tradition. I feel awful for these poor children and hope this gets under control. I know the more that people see how horrifying it is the more people will speak out. I find this website to be quite empowering and often find myself reading through the articles. It is very eye opening to see what is happening in the world, and how and who is trying to help those who can’t help themselves or need a stronger voice. I may not be in these places where child slavery/marriage/abuse is going on but that doesn't mean I can't educate myself on this situation. I hope these intelligent and strong minded girls go on living a life they are proud of and keep the goals they have for themselves in the spotlight. No one should feel like a commodity that can be bought and sold, especially innocent children.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Podcasts… love em or leave em?

I love this one…. “Women of the Hour” - Lena Dunham

Not only did I fall in love with her personality and her hilarious character on “Girls” an HBO series that debuted a few years ago.

She tells it like it is, has an amazing book that I read in a week … ok fine I’m a slow reader and it took me 3 weeks. But it is soooo good. She is very relatable and stands up for herself and she is a feminist! I Love how funny , and charismatic she is. If you don’t know her or maybe think she is too much then you are dumb ha jk that was rude but seriously. Give her a few minutes of her time I know you will laugh and pee or maybe even cry and pee, but mostly pee your pants because she is that HILARIOUS!
Now go and be amazing!
Happy Friday!

Christmas is 34 days away and the New Year is well right behind that so make goals, and try something new such as:

  • DIY – Face masks, Lip balm, or soap
  • Write a comic book
  • Catfish someone
  • Adopt a rat and name him after your ex hahaha

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The world needs more compassion and love

After the Paris attacks this past weekend it opened my eyes to see so much more. The sadness this world should be experiencing about the tragedy is covered by hate. People are upset about Syrian refugees and how we should cut them off from food, shelter, and basically let them die. I find that to be such a horrible view. I know it is not my place to judge but I will speak my opinion openly as I live in America where I can do that and will exercise the right. I find it to be disgusting that the government will stand by and not help those in need. I see who people truly are in this situation, they are lumping the terrorists with Muslims, or people from a certain place or country. When in reality ISIS is trying to get anyone and everyone they can, to join them in their horrifically disturbing way of life. It is not just one race, color, creed, religion. The answers are not easy to this solution obviously, but we need to come together and be a strong force of peace, and understanding. It is not one on one battles it should be a greater force of good against evil. I could not understand how people on social media were saying " Oh well about Paris " or " I am over here in America away from bombs so who cares" etc. Arrogant comments like that I can't help but feel sorry for people with such closed minds, and cold hearts. Why are we so divided? What happened? Is it government? Media?

Rant over.....

Just love one another, be kind, be helpful, spread peace. Tell those you love how much you care.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I stumbled upon this awesome website when trying to find the perfect gift for my sweetheart. So check it out it is just randomly awesome shit you can get sent to you house. They have everything from make-up, yoga stuff, food, beef jerky (that goes with food but it needs its own category) nerd stuff, video game shit. men's grooming care! seriously I want like 53 sub boxes for Christmas but I narrowed it down to 3.


I have Ipsy now and I am cancelling, I don't hardly use the items sent to me. Some are just lame. I have 4 tweezers, and 27 facial cleansers so Ipsy is being deactivated as of today!

Santa- Bring me a sub box please. K, thanks or I would like a little bungalow in Bali, with a private jet to get there. LOVE YOU!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Spread Happiness-----> Remove Negativity

Happy November!

Negative thoughts, body dis morphia, feelings of inadequacy, sadness, feeling like a failure.

All these things above and many more are toxic thoughts that we can control and we should control to have a happy life. It's easier said than done to wake up each morning and be happy to say you have; debts, heartache, pants that don't fit, dirty dishes, zits, stretchmarks, absent parents, tons of homework, diapers to change or whatever it might be that is less than glamorous.

I have been told by some that I have a really positive energy/outlook and I don't know how or why I am the way that I am. I think once you feel comfortable in your own skin, literally, loving your flaws and knowing that nobody is perfect you start really liking who you are. I think once I realized that I only had one life and I will do my absolute best with what I have and strive to obtain my goals I get more happy. Even if I do not meet the goals I know that I can keep trying. It isn't over till you're 6 ft. deep, pushin up daisies. I have 2 kids, full time job, house, car, mom, sisters and other distant relatives. At the end of the day I think I am doing a great job and will always want what is best for my kids but I do not get down on myself if I can not get them the best of the best. At times we (society) does not see the real purpose of living. It is not the material possessions that we should love and strive for but just the memories made and the love we have in our hearts. I wish that when friends or people say to me ugh "I hate life", "I hate my fat thighs", "I look gross", "I hate my apt", "I hate my school and job" they would take a second and think wow I am damn lucky I have a car, health, legs, eyesight, parents, a paycheck. It sounds so preachy but just be happy in the moment, stop comparing yourself to everyone, wishing, hoping, and obsessing over materialistic things.

Every morning say in the mirror after you brush your teeth; I am beautiful, smart and I have a happy life.
If you can't be postive, one day you will wake up regretting the fact that you did nothing to change the way you feel and live.

Loves & Hugs!