Monday, November 2, 2015

Spread Happiness-----> Remove Negativity

Happy November!

Negative thoughts, body dis morphia, feelings of inadequacy, sadness, feeling like a failure.

All these things above and many more are toxic thoughts that we can control and we should control to have a happy life. It's easier said than done to wake up each morning and be happy to say you have; debts, heartache, pants that don't fit, dirty dishes, zits, stretchmarks, absent parents, tons of homework, diapers to change or whatever it might be that is less than glamorous.

I have been told by some that I have a really positive energy/outlook and I don't know how or why I am the way that I am. I think once you feel comfortable in your own skin, literally, loving your flaws and knowing that nobody is perfect you start really liking who you are. I think once I realized that I only had one life and I will do my absolute best with what I have and strive to obtain my goals I get more happy. Even if I do not meet the goals I know that I can keep trying. It isn't over till you're 6 ft. deep, pushin up daisies. I have 2 kids, full time job, house, car, mom, sisters and other distant relatives. At the end of the day I think I am doing a great job and will always want what is best for my kids but I do not get down on myself if I can not get them the best of the best. At times we (society) does not see the real purpose of living. It is not the material possessions that we should love and strive for but just the memories made and the love we have in our hearts. I wish that when friends or people say to me ugh "I hate life", "I hate my fat thighs", "I look gross", "I hate my apt", "I hate my school and job" they would take a second and think wow I am damn lucky I have a car, health, legs, eyesight, parents, a paycheck. It sounds so preachy but just be happy in the moment, stop comparing yourself to everyone, wishing, hoping, and obsessing over materialistic things.

Every morning say in the mirror after you brush your teeth; I am beautiful, smart and I have a happy life.
If you can't be postive, one day you will wake up regretting the fact that you did nothing to change the way you feel and live.

Loves & Hugs!