Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I stumbled upon this awesome website when trying to find the perfect gift for my sweetheart. So check it out it is just randomly awesome shit you can get sent to you house. They have everything from make-up, yoga stuff, food, beef jerky (that goes with food but it needs its own category) nerd stuff, video game shit. men's grooming care! seriously I want like 53 sub boxes for Christmas but I narrowed it down to 3.


I have Ipsy now and I am cancelling, I don't hardly use the items sent to me. Some are just lame. I have 4 tweezers, and 27 facial cleansers so Ipsy is being deactivated as of today!

Santa- Bring me a sub box please. K, thanks or I would like a little bungalow in Bali, with a private jet to get there. LOVE YOU!!