Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The world needs more compassion and love

After the Paris attacks this past weekend it opened my eyes to see so much more. The sadness this world should be experiencing about the tragedy is covered by hate. People are upset about Syrian refugees and how we should cut them off from food, shelter, and basically let them die. I find that to be such a horrible view. I know it is not my place to judge but I will speak my opinion openly as I live in America where I can do that and will exercise the right. I find it to be disgusting that the government will stand by and not help those in need. I see who people truly are in this situation, they are lumping the terrorists with Muslims, or people from a certain place or country. When in reality ISIS is trying to get anyone and everyone they can, to join them in their horrifically disturbing way of life. It is not just one race, color, creed, religion. The answers are not easy to this solution obviously, but we need to come together and be a strong force of peace, and understanding. It is not one on one battles it should be a greater force of good against evil. I could not understand how people on social media were saying " Oh well about Paris " or " I am over here in America away from bombs so who cares" etc. Arrogant comments like that I can't help but feel sorry for people with such closed minds, and cold hearts. Why are we so divided? What happened? Is it government? Media?

Rant over.....

Just love one another, be kind, be helpful, spread peace. Tell those you love how much you care.