Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holiday Traditions...

Holiday traditions.... seems like a fitting time to talk holly, jolly and Christmas cheer.

So I really don't have many... which makes for a difficult blog post. But... I welcome all your ideas in the tradition dept. What do you and your family do? Since nobody ever comments on my posts this question I just asked seems silly but... hey maybe I'll get a Christmas MIRACLE!!

My family and I don't go out and cut down a tree, put the lights up, partake in sledding, or building of snowmen. We never had that specific day and time where we all gather and do some sort of Christmas event. In a way I love traditions that others tell me about but often wondered why my family didn't do any? So we just didn't do that stuff.

I do remember my beautiful, inspiring, and caring grandmother Anita making the most amazingly delicious Christmas cookies with my sisters and I. We would make peanut butter balls, rice krispie wreaths, spritz cookies, cutout cookies, and the Hershey kiss ones. We would wake up early in the morning have all the ingredients prepped and ready for the cookie making extravaganza. I would be full by noon with a tummy packed of  mini marshmallows, raw egg batter and other random sugary goodies I'd find. I obviously know that was a tradition of ours but when I was little I never understood the magnitude of it and how perfect that day was. I loved it, looked forward to it but now I find an empty place in my heart now that it's gone. Taken away by a horrible disease called cancer.

I miss more than ever my grandma Anita. She was the glue that held the family together, the smile of hope when the family was in disarray, the sweet hugs and kisses she would give me could make me feel so much love and comfort. I really wish I had more time with her. I wish I was nicer and wouldn't have made her upset with me for not listening or helped her more when she asked. I lived with her for many years during the summer months in her gorgeous home on Silver Lake. It was the best summers of my life. Waking up early, talking about what we were to do that day. How she wanted to plant some flowers in the front, or go into town and go to ben franklin, stop at some rummages to see what kind of treasures we could find. She would let us swim for hours and hours. Only calling us in for lunch. She would never allow TV unless it was after 7pm and called it a boob tube. She would take us for Ice cream at our favorite place "Jimmy's". I love and miss you Grandma I think of you always and I wish more than ever I could make a batch of cookies with you this very moment.

      Gandpa & Grandma Banaszak

(Mom if you ever read this, know that I love our family and I love you so much for all that you sacrificed to raise us girls. I'm grateful for you and the lessons you taught me xoxo.)