Thursday, December 3, 2015

Put it down...YES!.. your phone it's wasting your life away.

So I have magically jumped on the social media frenzy... you name it I was on it or had an active profile. I wrote them all down and then got really sick and felt like I was about to throw app I mean Up.. the total number of life wasting apps was alarming. So I cut some out :-)

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Snapchat
  4. Twitter
  5. Linkedin
  6. Google+
(I'm now off Instagram, snapchat and twitter)

Ok now my music apps... I'm obsessed with music so I am not too ashamed of those.... but I have since got rid of Pandora. I only listen to podcasts on Soundcloud. 

So why this need to be apart of this app/media frenzy... Well as sad as it sounds I was just following the herd of civilians. Even old people in their 50's are using these apps I felt like a relic and out of the loop if I was not on these apps... well I'm hear to tell you that you would be quite surprised at how much you can get done when not interrupted by the icons and beep notifications on your little stupid smart phone. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders I no longer see stupid snaps from people I dont really know, or scrolling through IG wondering how that makeup is so perfect etc. Here are a few of my experiences....

1. I'm done Christmas shopping already
2. I have put up all decor for the season
3. I have finished a 350 page novel in less than 6 weeks hahah I know that sound terrible
4. I have learned a few new chords on the Ukulele
5. I donated many older/unused items to goodwill
6. I learned new crock pot recipes and also make s'more crescent rolls before 7am!

I am a happier and more self sufficient 30 year old woman. Now go little app addicts go uninstall and delete your little square icons forever! Go play with puppies and kitties, go try on new Uggs without your phone in hand, stop snapping pics of Starbucks cups and putting them on Instagram. #eggnoglatte It's ok if you drink a cup of eggnog latte and not tell the world about it... I have and it feels really good. I promise. It's like you're in the secret service and you are considered a rare albino elk when you decide to go out for drinks or dinner.

If you still want to read more about this topic click below becaue some scientists and statistical data might blow your mind more than I can.... Well I only blow my boyfriends mind... with my intelligence... get your head out of your snapchat asses!