Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Well....it finally arrived my very first BIRCH BOX! It was very exciting to see it on my kitchen table when I got home from work on Friday. I will tell you what I liked the best from the box and please share your experiences with subscription boxes. I really enjoy feedback and ratings of these types of things.


It was like Christmas all over again! I opened it up in a hurry and tried it all on.. First the lotion, which is a beautifully scented, thick lotion perfect for my dried WI hands. It is made by Soap & Paper Factory ($18). Next was the Dr. Lipp Balm which was thick and did not come out very well at first. But once I tried it I was like yes! it is perfect because it has a nice shine to it and it moisturizes. I like how small it is, so it's easy to throw in your pocket ($17). Obliphica Professional Seaberry hair serum was exactly what I need for this time of year. My hair is long, coarse and dry from this -21 degree temps we have in WI. I loved that this smelled like berries, and it was not greasy. It smoothed out my frizz and made my hair glisten ($38). I was a little nervous for Eyeko Fat liquid liner. It looked like a sharpie/marker, but it was so easy to use, and went on perfectly. The tip of it did not move and it stayed on for most of the night... I would say 5 hours ($16). Last but definitely my favorite item was a sample of Catherine Malandrino top notes of pear and black currant. It reminds me of Flower Bomb kind of. It is so romantic and perfect for winter. I love LOVE IT! ($65-$110)

Well... If you have a little spare change from your taxes I recommend signing up for Birch box! Hey why not treat yourself to some amazing products without having to really leave your house to get them. Before you get your first box you customize your wants/needs and skin type on their website. So you can get what you are looking for each month.