Tuesday, January 12, 2016



Yesterday I pulled up into my driveway and saw a beautiful purple box hanging out of my mailbox. EUREKA!! it was a perfect Monday surprise.

My daughter Brooklyn and I carefully unpacked it and laid out each item on the kitchen table. Reading all the details of the yoga cards, and oils.

Let's take inventory shall we?!

1. Pacifica Sea Foam face cleanser- Smells good, has a clean scent and lathers up nicely.

2. 21 drops- natural essential oil- calming scent and small easy to carry roll on oil

3. Rawxies Brownie- Looks good and don't we all love a brownie?! Hey it's gluten free so yay for that

4. Simply straws- Not going to lie... this is not really my thing but hey I'll try it out. It's a glass straw. (Save the Environment)

5. Valentina's home brewed perfume oil- THIS IS MY FAVORITE ITEM! It smells amazing, large roll on scent stick, It's make in Oregon! (I love OR)

6. Kensington Facial oil- Smells good, and is really good for the skin, I used it last night before bed. My face feels so smooth and free of impurities

7. Yogi Sequence card- with yoga moves printed on it for easy on the go or I like to tape it up in my kitchen so I see it everyday and It reminds me to stretch it out

This concludes my January Yogi Box! Stay tuned for BIRCH BOX! coming soon... I hope!

Check out one of my favorite Milwaukee bands: GGOOLLDD