Monday, July 24, 2017

Fresh at The Farmers Market!

Happy Monday!

I have not really been in the cooking mood lately.... is it the summer heat, or is it just my laziness?
So fresh veggies, and local favorites from the market are my go to lately.

I love a great farmers market and Wauwatosa has one of thee best!!
I love waking up early on Saturdays and by early I mean 8am. This past weekend I picked up a bunch of Pickling cucumbers, Green peppers, and onions. I decided to try pickling them! They turned out awesome. I am obsessed with pickled stuff. I love pickled mushrooms, onions... and cucumbers of course. So Ill share the easy recipe I found on Pintrest! If you live in the Milwaukee area, I definitely recommend you go to the Tosa farmers market at least once. Get yourself a Pete's Pop, Hawthorne Coffee, or a huge bag of the freshest veggies from the local farmers. Usually a local musician will be there as well. I have yet to try the "Scratch Ice Cream" but that is on my "To Do" list.

Check out the long list of Vendors you'll find at the T.F.M 👇